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Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Official Pleasure Craft Operator CardIf you're planning to boat on one of Alberta's lakes, Alberta boaters are required to carry a Pleasure Craft Operator Card*, commonly known as a boating license.

The Pleasure Craft Operator Card is required in Alberta, as with all provinces, when operating motorized vessels - regardless of age, size of boat or engine horsepower. It's the law. Alberta boat operators caught without a boating license face a minimum $250 fine.

Need to get certified? The official Transport Canada Pleasure Craft Operator Card exam is available online. Alberta boaters who take the Pleasure Craft Operator Card exam online, sometimes referred to as boating license exam, can complete the official safe boating course and exam from the comfort of home.

Need your Operator Card today? Upon successful completion of the exam, boaters can print a temporary card immediately and the permanent Pleasure Craft Operator Card is mailed within 4-6 weeks. Once obtained, your boat Card is good for life and valid in all Canadian provinces.

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Boating in Alberta

Boating in Alberta

There are many lakes and waterways to discover in Alberta. Popular Alberta boating activities include jet boating, waterskiing and fishing, whichever your interest, you'll be able to find a lake in Alberta to enjoy a day on the water!

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*Pleasure Craft Operator Card or proof of competency

Online Operator Card Exam

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PCOC (Boating License)

It's The Law! Avoid the $250 fine, get your boating license today!
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Boating in Alberta

There are thousands of lakes and rivers to go boating or fishing in Alberta.
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